6 recycling mistakes you are probably guilty of

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As a person who has recently embraced the idea of recycling, you should realise that the process might be more challenging than you expect. Recycling waste is one of the most powerful solutions to counteract environmental pollution, as long as you stick to the right approaches. Or else you can do more harm than good.

Take a look at some of the biggest mistakes you are likely to make when recycling and do your best to avoid them:


You mishandle electronics 

From the batteries of your remote controls to your phone’s old charger, household electronics should be recycled and throwing them away with your regular trash is a mistake you should never make. Treating these objects like normal junk and disposing of them in the regular rubbish bins is not only dangerous to the environment, but illegal as well. In order to stay on the right side of law and at the same time protect nature, you should recycle household electronics. As far as various gadgets are concerned, simply contact your local waste center. Batteries can be left at stores that serve as collection points for recycling, but it will be even better if you take advantage of rechargeable batteries.

You fail at recycling paper 


When you address recycling paper waste, you probably believe that any type of paper is considered a good recyclable. Unfortunately not all kinds of paper can be recycled, which leads to confusion and mistakes. Pizza boxes or any other food-contaminated paper item can’t be recycled and you should be extra careful, otherwise you might compromise an entire batch of good recyclables. Wrapping paper, shredded paper, as well as some cardboard coffee cups also should go on your list with non-recyclable paper items.

You treat glass waste equally 

Just like paper waste, glass household objects are believed to be good recyclables. Generally, many types of glass are perfect for recycling, but assuming that you can recycle each glass item is a mistake you should stop making. Keep in mind that transparent jars and bottles meet the criteria for recycling, but ceramic dishes or light bulbs shouldn’t be sent to the specialised recycling bin. Different kinds of glass objects have been manufactured with a different approach, so be vigilant when you want to recycle your glass waste.

You try to recycle plastic bags 

They are everywhere around us, so there is no doubt that plastic bags are waste you wish you could recycle. Even though these objects are made of plastics, you shouldn’t mix them with your good recyclables. Plastic bags are too thin and due to the high chance for them to clog the recycling machine, you should dispose of them the regular way. Or even better, purchase a reusable bag made of natural materials, rather than to keep your groceries in a plastic bag.

You throw away old clothes 

The goal of recycling is to reduce waste and protect the environment, so why would you throw useless clothes in the trash? Reselling or donating clothing you no longer need is an eco-friendly way to dispose of it, so don’t simply send clothes to the nearest bin. The more household items you manage to reuse, the more eco-friendly lifestyle you adopt.

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You don’t separate your recyclables 

In most regions good recyclables should be categorised and disposed of in different recycling bins. Typically you will notice a separate bin for paper, plastics and glass, that’s why you should never leave everything in the same bin. Doing so will surely ruin good recyclables and your efforts to be environmentally aware will be in vain.

If you have decided to stay on the eco-friendly side and be serious about recycling, you should learn how to do it and how to teach your children to recycle in the right way. Now that you know the most typical recycling mistakes you are making, you are granted the chance to improve your habits and master the process of recycling.

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