6 ways to recycle materials in your garden

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No question having a garden has a positive impact on the environment around you. It is a nice eco-friendly nook that you can practice your green thumb on and enjoy nature at your doorstep. There are many ways that you can be even more on the green side of things, considering your garden produces waste. It is how you use this waste that matters and contributes to an eco-friendlier way of life. 

Simple tips for you to consider in regards to handling waste materials in the garden

Make yourself a pallet compost bin 

One way to make the garden more sustainable and eco-friendly is to use your compost bin. Getting started is not even that difficult. All you need are a few old pallets tipped on their side that you will then secure with wire. Don’t worry about the gaps, because compost needs to breathe. It is even better if you are using a raised bed and you get the pallets on one side of the raised bed. You can then remove the pallets and spread the compost around. 

A Pond Made Of Bathtubs

A pond made of bathtubs 

Discarded bathtubs are normally very difficult to utilise, but they make a fine pond. You need to dig a proper hole and sink an old bathtub into the ground, just like a normal pond. You will then need some pondweed to keep the water clean, and a few pieces of wood or something else as decoration. Ponds are wonderful for attracting wildlife and make for a beautiful feature in the garden. 

Make a raised bed out of scaffolding 

If you have a few pieces of reasonably-sized wood, such as scaffolding planks, you can make perfect use of them in the garden. They are hardy and make for great material for raised beds. The way you do it is by creating a large square of rectangles and filling that with compost. You can then use these raised beds to grow various plants, including edibles for your whole family. Just keep in mind that you may need to replace the planks over time. 

Use double glazed window cold frames 

If you have a few varieties of plants that need a cold frame to get through the cold winter months, you will find the expenses quickly adding up. That is why you can build your cold frame by using discarded windows for the glass tops. Double-glazed windows are great for adding extra protection against the cold, although they can be a bit heavy if you wish to open the cold frame. 

Use Plastic Bottles As Cloches

Use plastic bottles as cloches 

There are many uses of plastic bottles that you should consider before you throw them away. Perhaps one of the best uses you will find for them is to use them as a mini-cloche. Cut the bottom of the bottle and put it over your seedlings. Not only does this offer protection against the elements, but also from various pests. When you notice the plants are large enough and are touching the sides of the bottle, you can remove the cloches. 

Bird scarer made of discarded CDs 

Many CDs and DVDs are getting discarded as everything is now digital. What you can do with these discarded items is to make a bird scarer out of them. Attach them onto a string and put them on a washing line or across the flower bed. 

Utilising some recycling practices for your garden is a worthy option for you to consider. Any of the above ideas work wonders, so make sure you try them out. 

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