7 ways to recycle and upcycle glass waste

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Glass waste amounts to tons of jars and bottles, among other items that end up where they shouldn’t. Glass is a recyclable product and it only makes sense to ensure that it ends up being reused again and again, instead of allowing it to go to waste.

Few clever ideas on how you can repurpose glass jars and bottles in a resourceful and fun way

A wine bottle bird feeder Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

If you are a bird-watching enthusiast, you can easily make a little something to attract more of the feathery animals. You need an empty wine bottle, wood and a piece of wire rope to keep the bottle in place. The idea is to place the bottle upside-down, allowing seeds to fall bit by bit, ensuring birds always have something to choose from. And once the bottle is empty, you can loosen the rope to pull it out and fill it again. 

DIY liquid soap dispenser 

You need only a pump, which you can either purchase separately or get one from another plastic container. With it, you will be able to create your liquid soap dispenser out of a bottle of your choosing. It makes for a thematic addition to a bathroom or a gift that you can surprise someone with. 

Glass spray bottle 

If you are into mixing your cleaning solutions at home, you can make yourself your glass bottle. It is always better to use glass for such things because it is more durable and does a better job. Not to mention that plastic can leech chemicals into the solution, which you will then end up spraying all over important surfaces in your home. All you need is the spray nozzle from a plastic bottle that you can transfer onto a glass bottle. 

Container sand art Container Sand Art

If you love the idea of craft sand arranged in beautiful stripes, then all you need is a bottle or jar to keep it in. You can keep your children busy for a while with a fun project that involves craft sand. The good thing about it is that you don’t need to only think about sand, but also pebbles, glitter, buttons or practically anything that looks good in layers within a glass bottle or jar. You can later display your creations around the house and switch them up with new content when you feel like it. 

A self-watering herb garden 

If you don’t have a backyard garden, yet still love the taste and smell of fresh herbs, you needn’t despair. There is another way to grow them and it involves turning glass bottles into planters that can water themselves. You need a glass bottle cut in half. Fill it with a planting mix and put a small piece of screen on its end. Then place it in water on your windowsill and you have yourself a small herb garden that is self-watering

Upcycled lamp 

If you see a tile drill bit and a lamp holder in your local hardware store, you can make yourself a nice lamp with a glass bottle. Get a lampshade and use your toolkit to create the piece. It is very easy to do! 

Holiday decorations 

Mod podge, Epsom salts and a little bit of paint can get you some nice holiday decorations with the aid of some glass bottles. Fill them with pine sticks, craft plants or anything else you like to see around during festive times. 

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