How to dispose of your old sofa

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Do you have a big sofa that you want to get rid of? This can be a difficult mission. Such upholstered furniture is quite heavy, not to mention it may not get much interest from takers, especially if there is some damage – stains, tears, holes, etc. The reality is that upholstered furniture depreciates significantly in time, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t deal with it.

You have a few options ahead of you that you will do well to consider:

  • Sofa DisposalYou can hold a garage sale – it is not impossible to sell your furniture at a garage sale, especially if you have other belongings you want to get rid of. Perhaps the thing that it all depends on is the condition of the sofa. One way to determine this, although still somewhat subjective, is to think about it this way: if you were the buyer, would you want to spend money on it? If you think the sofa is in good shape, you should clean it well and include it as part of the sale. If you add in transportation to the buyer’s house, you can bet it will attract some interest. You will get the kind of people searching for a bargain.
  • Put it up for sale online – there is no need to list all of the possibilities you have for online sales. You can find a website that you can list your sofa on and hope that someone will show interest in it. If your area has an online neighbourhood bulletin board, try listing it there as well. One useful piece of information you can include is whether you can transport the sofa to your buyer, or not. After all, if it is a large and heavy one, it is no easy undertaking.
  • Recycling TipsTrade the old sofa for a new one – some stores would gladly take your couch and let you buy a new one from them at a discounted price. It is either that, or they will provide removal and disposal service for your old sofa as an incentive for you to buy a new one. It goes without saying that the better condition your couch is in, the bigger discount you will get from the store. They may even be able to resell it.
  • Pass it on to someone – you can also ask family and friends if they have a need for your sofa. It is very likely that someone will find a use for the piece of furniture.
  • Advertise it to college students – if you are close to an area with a lot of students, you can advertise it to them. Students will always happily take furniture that is free or is very cheap. You can post a notice on a bulletin board, or an online forum that serves a college community.
  • Donate to a charity – the best thing about donating to charities is that most will organise the haul of your furniture for free. There are plenty of charity opportunities to look for, so be sure to search them.

As you can see, you are not without options when it comes to disposing of your sofa. Consider what is best for you and free some space in your home today.

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