9 tips to help you consume less and produce more

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It always seems as though our society focuses so heavily on consuming and much less on production. People seem to be obsessed with all the things they want to buy, not giving thought to the things they can produce themselves. 

As one of the prime principles of leading a more sustainable life, you should pay heed to the ways you can reduce your consumption. It shouldn’t even come at your expense, as long as you follow a few clever tips:

Vegetable Garden

Grow your own vegetable garden 

If you have a garden in your place, it would be a waste not to use it to grow your own vegetables. Gardening is a very nice hobby and it takes little knowledge to start off. Read a few guides on how to make the most of the space and what plants to include. Nothing beats the taste of freshly grown vegetables in your own garden. 

Plant your own fruit tree/bush 

Another great way to spare yourself the need to rely on fruit from the supermarket is to have your own fruit tree or bush. Of course, you do need to have room in your yard, but if that is the case, then it is a nice addition. You will be surprised just how little maintenance fruit trees and bushes require. 

Preserve seeds 

A self-sustaining garden is one that takes care of the seeds produced by plants in it. You can learn to preserve the seeds of different plants and use them when the time is right to re-grow them. 

Bread Making

Cook from scratch 

If you need less from the grocery store every time you have to cook, then you are on the path of sustainability. If you can learn to utilise basic items like flour, eggs, yeast, sugar, etc., then you are much less-reliant on packaged goods. Besides, it is always better to prepare your own food, instead of having it from the store.

Create your own cleaning cloths and rags 

Instead of buying cleaning rags, just cut up your own old T-shirts and other pieces of clothing that you no longer use or it is damaged beyond repair. It is not just good for your budget, but also helps the environment. 

Borrow, instead of buying 

If you need to use some machinery, or equipment just once, you can ask your friends/neighbours, instead of rushing to buy it. Perhaps it is better to own one yourself, if you are going to use on more occasions, but otherwise you should borrow it. 

Learn to mend your clothes 

Some people think mending is a skill of the past, but that is actually not true. If you can fix a button, or fix some ripped seam, you will be better able to stay on top of the needs for new clothes. The skills it takes for this aren’t all that difficult and you will do well to start learning them now. 

Buy used 

Instead of rushing to the store each time you need something, check second-hand markets. Sometimes people sell items perfectly good condition. Instead of spending money on new, you can spend them to reuse someone else’s item and thus contribute to less consumption. 

Lend books from the library 

If there is a good library in your area, you should pay it visit more often, instead of buying books yourself. Library cards are much more affordable and you can even check the books you have already read if you want. 

These are all great tips that can help you live a more sustainable life. Make sure to employ them and you will see what difference they make. 

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