6 plastic items you should give up right now

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A big part of the plastic you use in your everyday life is pretty much unnecessary. Tons and tons of the material are produced each year. Much of that ends up polluting the environment, which is a major issue. Plastic is quite the enduring material, as it takes a lot of years for it to degrade. Yet, many people lightly use it and then just throw it away. You get the picture: plastic is bad, and you need to take steps to reduce its use.

You can start right now by giving up these plastic items in your home:

  • Plastic Items You Should Give UpDrinking straws – besides making your drink look cool, plastic straws really add nothing of value to it. Whether you use a plastic straw or drink straight from the glass, the taste will be the same. You should not feel that lazy as considering lifting a drink to your mouth for too difficult. Considering you have the option to drink straight from the glass or another container, you should use every such opportunity and ditch the straw. If you absolutely want to use a straw, try a reusable one.
  • Plastic bags – perhaps the most obvious item you should give up is plastic bags. Whenever you make a trip to the grocery shop, you will return with a handful of these. Why not replace them with reusable fabric bags? Not only are they more durable, but also much more convenient. More importantly, they are eco-friendly and save you some money.
  • Plastic toothbrushes – many people are guilty of this one. Plastic is the most widespread material for making toothbrushes, but there are some alternatives already breaking through. Notable examples include bamboo and wood, which are gaining more popularity. You can give them a chance. Remember, the material the toothbrush is made of doesn’t affect its function at all.
  • Plastic BottlesPlastic water bottles – have you ever wondered what the expiry date on bottled water stands for? After all, water is indeed timeless. It is the plastic it comes in that is not. It is much better to go for glass bottles. They are not only safer but also don’t leak nasty chemicals into the liquid you are drinking.
  • Takeaway coffee cups – a lot of coffee shops now allow customers to take a reusable mug with them. Not only that, but they may even present a few mugs you can buy from them. There are many benefits to reusable mugs: they retain heat, are more convenient to use and make your favourite coffee taste way better than if you drink from a plastic cup.
  • Plastic cutlery – plastic knives and forks are a joke, for the most part. They are quite inconvenient and can easily break as you are trying to cut some steak. See if your take away or local deli offers alternatives to plastics.

By giving up all of these plastic items in your home, you are doing the environment a huge favour. Do not delay and do so now.

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