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    Our Price List

    We have a minimum call-out charge of £60

    Type Of Load Labour Time Cubic Yards Weight Number Of Bags Price
    Single Item 5 Mins 1 50 Kg 5 £61.00
    Minimum Load 10 Mins 1.5 100 Kg 8 £61.00
    1/4 Load 20 Mins 3.5 250 Kg 20 £97.00
    1/3 Load 30 Mins 5.25 350 Kg 30 £137.00
    1/2 Load 40 Mins 7 500 Kg 40 £167.00
    3/4 Load 50 Mins 10.5 750 Kg 60 £238.00
    Full Load 60 Mins 14 1000 Kg 80 £280.00


    Additional Charges Charge
    Extra Labour time £1.00 (per min)
    Stair Surcharge
    (Only applies after the 1st floor)
    £10.00 (per flight)
    Under Counter Fridge/Single £35
    Standard Fridge/Freezer £45
    American Style Fridge £55
    Commercial Fridge £65/£115
    TV/Monitor £25
    Single Mattress £20
    Double Mattress £25
    Queen/Kingsize Mattress £35


    Individual Sofa Collection Price
    Two Seater £66.00
    Three Seater £86.00
    Corner (L Shaped) Sofa £121.00
    Individual Fridge Collection Price
    Under Counter/Single £61.00
    Standard Fridge/Freezer £66.00
    American Style £107.00
    Commercial £137.00/£187.00


    Individual Mattress Collection Price
    Children’s £61.00
    Single £61.00
    Double £71.00
    Queen £76.00
    Kingsize £81.00


    Individual Wardrobe Collection Price
    Childrens £61.00
    Single Door £61.00
    Two Door (Double) £66.00
    Three Door (Triple) £86.00


    We have a minimum call-out charge of £60.

    Some Kind Words From Our Clients

    • "We recently had a big renovation project at home. I was a bit scared of all the leftover materials and building waste lying around, but thankfully my husband found We Collect Rubbish. The company sent a team to our property the next day and these guys did a great job. They quickly collected the unwanted waste, leaving our home in a great post-renovation state. I totally recommend them!"

      Elizabeth Saunders
    • "I have a garden and I like looking after it. Every now and then, I call We Collect Rubbish to dispose of the accumulated waste. They are always so fast to arrive and so quick to deal with whatever amount of plant matter and soil I don’t need. I appreciate all they are doing!"

      Joseph Hardy
    • "My wife and I recently decided to free space from unwanted junk around our home. I did a quick search online and found out about the home clearance services of We Collect Rubbish. They gave me a great quote and later delivered a flawless service. I will be sure to turn to them again in the future."

      William Brennan


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