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    We Collect Rubbish: the best option to dispose of garden waste

    If you are planning some projects for your garden in London, you should get an expert rubbish removal company to deal with your garden clearance in London. Spent plants, soil and rubble are only part of the garden waste that you will want to move before you get down to doing any important chores. If taking care of all the rubbish is too difficult for you, then do contact our company on 020 3909 7640. Our reliable garden clearance service is more than enough to take care of any amount of waste you don’t want on your garden premises.

    Here is what we can collect:

    garden clearance in london

    • Twigs
    • Leaves
    • Bags of garden soil
    • Branches
    • Pots
    • Garden features
    • Garden furniture
    • And more …

    Our company has the experience and the tools needed to take care of any such garden waste. Give us a call on 020 3909 7640 and we will send out a team of professional rubbish collectors to your property. Once they arrive, they will collect the rubbish straight from your garden, saving you the effort of moving it around. All you have to do is give us a call and point us to the area you want us to clear. We are a respectful company and will do our job diligently. You can be sure that we will leave your garden and property looking their best.

    Why book garden clearance in London with We Collect Rubbish?

    Our company has become quite popular for the kind of work we do because we do it well. Rubbish collection is not a job you want to neglect and that is why we offer to deal with it in a professional manner. Nobody wants to be buried in garden waste, especially if the area is going to be used soon and requires free space. Our company is the solution to your garden rubbish problem you have been waiting for!

    Our services are budget-friendly, so even if you have a restricted budget, you can still hire us at an affordable price. Also, consider that our company leans on the eco-friendly side. This means we will transport most of your garden waste to a household recycling centre, where it can be reused or turned into compost. By hiring We Collect Rubbish, you will be helping your garden and the environment as well.

    Here is what you need to do:

    1. Contact us at 020 3909 7640 or send us an enquiry email.

    2. We will answer as soon as possible and provide you with a free quote.

    3. If you agree with our offer, we will proceed to scheduling garden clearance service at a convenient time for you.

    4. We will send a well-prepared team to your address and they will take care of the job.

    5. Enjoy your waste-free garden!

    If there is more than garden waste that you want us to clear, we will gladly do it for you. All you have to do is book our services and leave the details to us.
    Quit wasting energy and time in trying to deal with bothersome waste on your own. Get We Collect Rubbish on your side for garden clearance in London!

    Some Kind Words From Our Clients

    • "We recently had a big renovation project at home. I was a bit scared of all the leftover materials and building waste lying around, but thankfully my husband found We Collect Rubbish. The company sent a team to our property the next day and these guys did a great job. They quickly collected the unwanted waste, leaving our home in a great post-renovation state. I totally recommend them!"

      Elizabeth Saunders
    • "I have a garden and I like looking after it. Every now and then, I call We Collect Rubbish to dispose of the accumulated waste. They are always so fast to arrive and so quick to deal with whatever amount of plant matter and soil I don’t need. I appreciate all they are doing!"

      Joseph Hardy
    • "My wife and I recently decided to free space from unwanted junk around our home. I did a quick search online and found out about the home clearance services of We Collect Rubbish. They gave me a great quote and later delivered a flawless service. I will be sure to turn to them again in the future."

      William Brennan


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